Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reem Nasri supports President Bashar Al Assad--No Apologies #Syria

Usually when singers support a president with a song, we think they are brown nosing that public figure. It's one thing to support the leader and to hang with the leader, it's another to release a song in his/her support. But not Syrian artist Reema Nasri who is not your A list artist, but this time she stood to take a stand and support the president but the country first. I do not think she is crazy, she is just looking at it form a different vantage point. She sees Syria being a mess and she chooses to rally around the soft-spoken president. Others see Syria a mess and chose to rally around the revolution. I think a middle ground is a better choice. No one is happy about foreign agents and actors in Syria and sadly they are on both sides.  

Reem Nasri is the young sister for Asalah who is a vocal support of the revolution--the family is being pulled into many directions. Asalah took an opposing stand and chose the change through revolution and protest. Her little sister Reem is with the current leadership and prays for unity. She does not have many songs other than the ones for Syria and Bashar. She is new to the game and seems not to be able to deflect questions of interviewers. She is attending a song launch that discredits people waging wars form religious principles. The odd thing is the talent behind the song is Kuwaiti-- a country that has its ownown divisions between liberal and conservative, but the song is about Egypt. However from Reem is may be about Syria and these religious nut-bags who have taken Syria on a Jihad.    

Rim Nasri supports Bashar al assad ريم نصري شقيقة أصالة تدعم بشار الأسد

I know the moment, I see a singer wearing a military uniform, I stop watching. Really this uniform is for people who sacrifice and defend the motherland, not for self-promotion. Though in Syria, the army might not be beloved by a segment of people. As a song Reem has a really good voice, it seems sweet and romantic with complexity. The song is a love fest for the president, it's making a God from him. Even if you likes him and what he does, you do not have to make a good of him.

Strongly Pro-Assad Song Sung by Sister of Pro-Revolution Icon


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