Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Accidental Big Booty Song By Assi Hallani Is Embarrassing

How dare a Kuwaiti lyricists and a well-known Lebanese singer release an alleged Moroccan song that reference the slang for "Big Butt"! Confused? We all are? Assi Hallani the guy who calls himself the knight of Arab song collaborated with a song writer who lives in Kuwait Musab Alenizi

worse it seems Musab calls himself the ambassador of the Moroccan song! The song references a dirty slang in street Moroccan "Satah" which means a lady with a big butt. How did the team do a song about a dialect they know little about without researching it or even asking one of their Moroccan friends? Wait, there was a Moroccan composer Morad EL Gzanay, so this is an insult to all these talents and to the end-consumers. I mean some of these comments of rage did not conceal that they were hoping Assi would do a Moroccan song, but when he did she really shock the hell out of the,.

Naturally the good folks of Morocco are upset with this strange song, find more about their rage on Twitter here and on Facebook here and on YouTube here This is embarrassing for a star the size of Assi, I think he should walk away from the song and apologize, throw a free concert in Morocco and move on. Many are upset of this assault on their deeply-rotted music legacy by these two posers. See the duo work on this song that was dubbed as a surprise by Assi, indeed he was American rap can look at this song and say, "we are ok"

عاصي الحلاني ساطا (أغنية مغربية 2014)

عاصي الحلاني ساطا أغنية مغربية 2014‬



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