Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Most True Song About Egyptian Election And Democracy (Video) #Sisi

First there was that hit song that urges Egyptians to vote and dance for their country. Then we learned that song was stolen from two other songs, then we leaner the music video for that patriotic song made Egypt look like a sleazy nightclub--according to Hany Shaker.

Then there was a Jordanian vocalist who took the song and turned it on its head. He used the same beat--if it's stolen you cannot really steal a stolen song. His team took the song and made it sound a lot more real--it's a pro brotherhood song, but this is not a problem because they got screwed by the army and the spineless lefties.

I do not have a name for the vocalist, but he put his picture and the Egyptian flag. Saed Al Ajeemy is his name and the lyrics are all his. This is still an upbeat song, but a lot more real. It's fair for a guy who is not an Egyptian to sing it, because the original song was sang by a guy form the UAE. This song does not like the army or the stupid folks who are dancing in the streets cheering yet another dictator.
منشد أردني يرد على اغنية حسين الجسمي 'بشرة خير'


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