Monday, May 26, 2014

"The Path" Album By Raef Will Release Next Week @RaedMusic

Raef, the American born Egyptian indie Muslim vocalist is working on a new music project. And he is out with a new track where he wrote the lyrics and his buddy Muslim rock star Maher Zain made the musical arrangement. Now this is the official music video for Raef's song "You Are The One" from his debut album "The Path" which is set to due to be released on 06.06.2014. Lyrics & Melody: Raef Arrangement: Maher Zain Video by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

This album will feature original material from Raef who for very long made his biggest hits in the fashion of popular American pop songs, he made it a lot bit Islam and human focused. This time he goes back to original works like he did in his ealry days at George Washington University. "The Path", I hope will see Raef's happy return to his songwriter days where he breaks free to give us his latest work as his name now has grown in recognition.

While Maher makes great Muslim songs, Raef brings easy listening and pop songs closer in line with the Muslim taste in music. This is a different offering but I like how he always sounds simple like an indie artists who offers his heart and emotions for our pleasure. I look forward to his album, I know even non-Muslims will find it of interest. He choses far broader themes than his peers in Awakening Records.

Raef - You Are The One | From "The Path" Album: 06.06.2014


  1. I do enjoy Raef's nasheeds - however, they contain music so i hope awakening records can offer vocals only (no music) for raef's album as maher zain does this for some of his