Wednesday, May 21, 2014

That Popular Hussain Al Jassmi Song Is Stolen--Like Egypt's Election

You know that song that made it big last week? the song that's urging Egyptian to vote? the song that was made by Sisi fans and boys to try to earn him some extra credit? It was a popular song, and has become a cultural icon, where the social media turned this song into a love fest for either Sisi or mocking their country.

Now we learn, the song is not even that original. I was thinking I have heard this beat before. Amr Moustafa who composed it kept saying he is a smart one and a creative force. He is mostly right, but not this once. And by the way his song is stolen from old songs, two songs in particular that were composed by Mohammad Rahim. How fitting, the singer stole the song, like Sisi stole Egypt!

If you break the song into two parts, the first part is taking from one song and the ending part has been ripped from another song. Both songs are by the same composer. Another singer did not like the song was legendary Hany Shaker who actually supported the coup. Shaker takes issue with the song and the music video turning Egypt into one large dance club.

Meanwhile dipshit singer Hussain Al Jassmi is proud of his song and hopes it lands well with Egyptians. It will land well with the living because most of those who would not like it have either been shot, killed or sent to jail. What does he know about election? when was it last time they held an election in his home country the UAE?

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 (فيديو كليب) حصريا

Sherine Wagdy Kol Dah شرين وجدى - كل ده

Emma - La Keda Wala Keda / اما - لا كدة ولا كدة


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