Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kareem Abouzeid Boring/No Good Cry For #Egypt

In most advanced countries, your government works for Egypt it's the other way around. However in Egypt, they use your love for your country to keep you happy with your poverty while they rob the bank. This is a fact in many places, but this is more true in Egypt. Even in their music, they tell your country is like your mother...protect it, keep it safe and do not cause trouble.

While they preach these lessons, why did your country give you? a lousy education? A shity health service? And yes, you have to serve in the army for two years baking bread and cleaning toilets. This is one more song by Kareem Abouzeid who retrains with this song after being absent for some time. The reality is that Egyptians when they get a chance they leave that place and never look back. I miss Egypt, but not the unjust one, not this misguided one.

Kareem shifted from music into acting as he has already appeared in a number of TV dramas and from the look of it comes this song to try to carry water with the upcoming administration so that he can continue to get work.

كريم أبو زيد يا بلدي يا مصر 2014


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