Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amer Zayan Brings Sexy Back....ALWAYS!

He has the look of that playboy, the one you see in center fold in the most revealing magazine. He is a Lebanese and he knows he is handsome, but the good news is that it does not show when he sings. This Amer Zayan and I had my eyes on his from the past three years and have always been impressed by his work and the way he seems to grow.

Amer has a sweet honey drizzled voice that hits the low notes and the high ones--what hey seem to like in Lebanese songs. But he also can perform the sweet and mellow love songs that brings a tear to your eye. This song is a follow up to his wonderful last year album. He has done well with this style and you can expect to see him being the life of the party this summer.

Watch the video where Salim Salamah, the lyricists who wrote this song gives the song a try and Amer has the time of his life.

Amer Zayan Bala Balak عامر زيان

عامر زيان وسليم سلامة بلا بلاك لايف

Amer Zayan Bala Balak


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