Wednesday, May 7, 2014

" Etkhadet" Is The Most Girlie Music Video This Year By Rana Samaha

She did not win Star Academy, but Rana Samah walked away knowing she is already a star. This is why she releases a music video with the help of a team that believe in her young talent. The music video is your average stalker tale. Girl meets boy, she wants to text him, but instead she talks him on Facebook along with her girlfriends.

This song is meant for girls, and young women, they will relate to it, the disturbing part is that some dude actually wrote this girlie song. This is just girls being silly and goofing around. I think Rana will learn a lot the more time she spends in front of the camera. It's too crowded out there, but she has a real shot 

Rana Samaha - Etkhadet / رنا سماحة - اتخضيت

Lyrics : Hecham Sadeq
Composer : Ahmed Youssef
Arranger : Mohammed Shafik
Mixing : Mohamed Ads
Strings Arrangement : Hesham Mostafa
Solo Composition : Mohammed Shafik
Guitars : Sherif Fahmy
Nai : Ahmed Khairy
Directed By : Nabil Mekkawy


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