Friday, May 30, 2014

This Song Goes To #Palestine Soccer Team For Qualifying For Asia Cup

The Palestine national soccer team just made history, they for the first time will be playing in the Asia cup in 2015 in Australia. They put on a good show and defeated the Philippines. While the team did his best, this is not a great game. And to be frank this song is not even that good....but the euphoria is unmatched. Palestinians are happy once again to see their national team qualify for something.

A local artist had this song ready, people were posting it instants after the game as they celebrations erupted. I think people were a lot more excited for this win than they were for the National Unity government--it's still progressing. Will we go far in the Asia Cup?

I hope so, but it takes a lot of work---Palestine spends 25 cents for every million dollar Saudi Arabia spend on its soccer team.

اغنية المنتخب الفلسطيني (الفدائي) قاسم النجار -شادي البوريني 2014


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