Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hany Shaker Responds With A Song That Gives Hussain Jassmi The Middle Finger @7sainaljassmi

Few days ago romantic song hit-maker Hany Shaker got in trouble for speaking ill of a popular song that turned Egypt into one gigantic night club. He took issue that the guy who sang it was not even Egyptian. Hany is coming back and releasing a new song for Egypt in response to that hit song that went viral.

This is a good song that talks big just like most patriotic songs, it makes the people mentioned feel big and deserving. Hany releases a lot of songs, he is an army guy, for some he is a patriot, for me I think he does not see the big picture. He sang for the general who give democracy the middle finger. Now Hany is in trouble for criticizing a song--they called him names and accused him of jealousy.

Instead of talking back, he chose to go into the studio and responds with a song--Egypt makes history and export it says the song. Not true, but it's not the biggest bullshit line in such songs. Hany is a statement of Egyptain song, an elder who sees himself as a lover of that country and its music.

هاني شاكر ادها و ادود 2014 ( Hany Shaker Adaha W Edood ( Official Music


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