Friday, May 16, 2014

Go To Hell Hussain Al Jassmi And Stay There! @7sainaljassmi

I mean that Hussain, find a comfortable place in hell and rest in there. What do you have to do with democracy, elections and voting? Question, have you ever voted for anything in your life? No, you like in a rich place where a soft dictator runs the place and bribes his people who live a comfortable life and ask for no political involvement.

Brother Hussain Al Jassmi just released a single, a song for Egypt in Egyptian urging them to vote, while doing his best to mention every single Egyptian town, city, area and region. Keep on my mind, the government of the UAE have endorsed the army coup, and it makes sense for one of their official singers to support the sham elections. This is sounds like a rap song, it's very very fast and offers little but naming names and coming up with words that rhythm. The music is simple and a fusion between Egyptian and Indian styles.

This is a song that will contribute to the end of your career, here you are singing to less than 50 percent of the population of Egypt. Once, you were a big name that drew people and they were proud of you, but you did not made you blind.  And by the way his song is stolen from old songs, two songs in particular that were composed by Mohammad Rahim. How fitting, the singer stole the song, like Sisi stole Egypt!

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 (النسخة اﻷصلية) حصريا

Sherine Wagdy Kol Dah شرين وجدى - كل ده

Emma - La Keda Wala Keda / اما - لا كدة ولا كدة


  1. Wow,

    You really dont care about objectivity here, Hussain asks the people to vote, something they have been depriven of for so many years and he reminds them to do so.

    Also the UAE is a country that has been known for stabilising the region providing huge opportunities for Egyptians and this is how you dare to address.

    Clearly uneducated