Thursday, May 29, 2014

WATCH: #Egypt Massreya - Samah Said

An under-employed young fake blonde Egyptian vocalist is talking about being Egyptian, playing tourist with a camera and running around with horses and camels. It's not about Egypt anymore, it's about a certain set of ideas that are being shoved down each one's throats. We all brothers, Samah Said sings. Funny because brothers do not tend to murder one another and place each other in jail.

As for this song, this is not a song, it shows little talent. I admire the effort and the attempt. But this song can be made by pretty much anyone. The production looks cheap. There are a million other people who can carry a note, but the faces of iconic Egyptian singers you can spot are really creeping me out. Plus the song is about a girl who strives to be a man "I am a woman worth a 100 man" Why do many Egyptian women want to be a 100 man?

Massreya - Samah Said مصرية - سماح سعيد


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