Tuesday, May 13, 2014

World Meets Sandra Rizk And "Goodbye" @SandraRizkStar

Her first single ever has the unfortunate or even clever title "Goodbye" We just met you Sanra Rizk and you already want to leave? Not sure, but the song is an Egyptian pop track made right for what I think is a Lebanese pop star who is making an attempt to breakout.

Naturally, Sandra is happy and pleased with her first single, she awaits the audience's feedback on her first song. The song has been written by Ashraf Al masri, and composed by Joe Kosseifi....thanks to the studio of Elie Saba. This is a team that believes in Sandra's talent and wish her the best.

I think this is a wonderful start in these fast times, and social media heaven. Sandra does what you expect from our new pop stars, one song and lots of images to go with it. She has a cute voice, that delivers the song in a friendly fashion. This is the birth of a new pop star, two days ago, Sandra Rizk was not a name we were familiar with, but thanks to one song, multiple radios, and a nice media profile, she is on her way to the next big thing.

maa al salama sandra rizk



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