Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Takes Yara To The West Side of Arabia In "Bghito Habibi "

Yara left the building, and headed to another one in the Gulf where riches awaited here. Now, she sets her eye to the West side, and releases a song that sounds Algerian/Moroccan--something she has not done before. This is a clever choice for the music season and festivals. Remember last year Yara was in Algeria for a concert during Ramadan and a report came out that she was pulled over for smoking during the fast hours...she did not like that.

The return of lady with the silk voice is a cool event, I have liked her a lot in between the 2005-2008 era before she heads to the Gulf and stick there. I like the beat, what's missing is the emotional connection that Yara was able to pull--her sincere emotions do not come through this once. But perhaps this is what is meant for a dance song.

Yara - Bghito Habibi (Lyric Video) / يارا - بغيتو حبيبي


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