Thursday, May 29, 2014

Listen: A New Iraqi Hit By Shatha Hassoun ... Henianah | شذى حسون ... حنينا

In her mind, she is the only female that sings Iraqi dialect--she is really good at it and makes it sweet but she is not the only one. Shatha finds the sweet spot and soars with the release of her new single "Hanianah", a beautifully crafted song that makes one smiles as Shatha sounds at her finest.

I love this style from Shatha, it's one of hr strong assets. It's not easy to come up with these songs, but here Shatha did with with grace and reminded us why the fans loved her, and picked her to win Star Academy years ago. Shatha will always be working, and find gigs in half a dozen Arab countries, she knows how to earn her pay.

Shatha Hassoun ... Henianah | شذى حسون ... حنينا


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