Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mohammed Assaf Turns Las Vegas Sin City Into Fun City

Seriously, before Mohammed Assaf what did we Palestinians and supporters of Palestine used to listen to? Every party, convention, gathering, protest I have been too since Assaf appeared on Arab Idol featured some of his better known songs.

The young kid from Gaza took on Last Vegas few days ago, and his concert there part of the North America tour was sold-out, packed and as you would expect from a Las Vegas function--it was hot and sinfully good.

I know Assaf always gives a 100 percent and he knows he is into for more than the money, he represents the hopes and aspirations of millions like him who live in camps in and outside Palestine. But he also gives goof art and good taste. This was his last concert before he heads back East. He spend the month of May with us and now comes the summer season around the Arab world. Good luck brother!

#محمد_عساف حفل لاس فيغاس


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