Sunday, May 25, 2014

Some "Creative?" Indonesians Play Music And Recite Koran At Once! "Video"

Traditionalists and supporters of Islamic literalness are fuming over this. An Indonesian group came up with a whole new style for reciting the Koran, read it as one would perform a live choir and sing hymns. While many of us are confused by this new innovation, it does not stop me of respecting the attempt. This is a live orchestra, a big production that took some guts, I am clueless about this program and it it has the backing of any religious institutions in Indonesia.

Needless to say, Saudis are pissed off and so are many of their fans--never-mind they  are taking a break fro cutting people's heads and hands off for trivial offenses. But they fear, such things, because they lose the lead and give up leadership when these new things go mainstream.

I do not want to see any harm happens to the lead, he has been blessed with a good voice, I just want to know more about this. I also respect those rational voices that says we should not do it to try to be copy other religious groups.

هكذا يقرأ القرآن في اندونيسيا أكبر دوله اسلاميه


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