Wednesday, May 28, 2014

@Wissam_ElAmir New Bittersweet Summer Romance Single

The sunny side up charming Lebanese singer, song-writer and music composer Wissam El Amir just came out with anew single. He composed and the song had a life of here own. It's a calling card for this summer. Wissam El Amir is a lot more mature than many pop stars in Lebanon, but he is always up with the trends. A fixture of Lebanese pop, he is a busy in Lebanon in the capital and outside of it he is always singing at local establishments and businesses. He is also a guest of honor in some official functions.

This is not his greatest song, but it's refreshing and does what he does best--show us his sweet yet tamed side. Romance in Lebanon is a conflict between going soft and tender and being manly. Somewhere in the middle rests Wissam and his fans have found him to be an exciting voice whose songs can appeal to their older family members without alienating the sacrificing the younger generation in the process.

Does Wissam bring it home this time? I did not think so, but he did not exactly miss as the song has become an instant summer celebration of love.

وسام الأمير كانت معك ايامي 2014


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