Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Perfect! Zaki Chreif Is Another Lebanses Who Want To Set This World On FIRE! @zakichreif

Crimes of passion are about to get a lot more heated with the release of a new Lebanese summer single by up and coming Zaki Cherif. Trouble Zaki seems like a sweet guy with a mellow voice, and the style of the song requires a lot more fire in the belly. you cannot start a song with I will set this world on fire, and then put me to sleep.

Zaki is new to the music scene, so he will learn a lot if he choses to see this through. His voice can do strong and manly let's shout songs, but he is also networked with many of these young talents who see their birth on TV's reality programs. Browse through his Facebook page and see what I mean.

"لحرق الدني" زكي شريف" .."Zaki Chreif "La7re2 Ldeni"


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