Thursday, May 15, 2014

Syrian Legend Brings On The Classics in A #Beirut Night

The Syrian legend Sabah Fakhri who holds the record in the world's longest concert stopped by the Lebanese capital for a night of some old school Tarab. Sabah is the original artist who has perfected the  art of Asalah stole the night and did a number of his most beloved songs in Al Qudood Al Halbyah

His son Annas, an artist on his own right accompanied his father and sang his heart out. Ramy Ayach brought his mother to attend the concert--he surprised her with her idol. The old school, the retro crowd and the curious youngsters all sat on their chairs and enjoyed a great night of pure Arabic music.

Sabah might have grown old in his body, but his voice is still the iconic octave forte musical treat it has always been.  The Syrian legend remains one of very few things all Syrians still agree on. I know Sabah feels at home when he is in town, and the audience cannot seem to get enough of this guy who has truly captivated millions around the world.

As for his son, Annas has an album coming in September pending his visit to Cairo.

ليلة بنكهة الأصالة مع صباح فخري في أعياد بيروت


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