Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hoda Saad Takes The Moroccan Song Into New Lands With "Shab El Ras" @hoditactic

Hoda Saad is one of a kind, she is a very proud Moroccan artist who has always rose above the rest. Her pride is something of a fashion statement. Unlike dozens of Moroccan songstress before her, she refused to go live in the Gulf and make a lot of money but have little dignity. Instead Hoda focuses on her music, she is a student of world music and first she sang, then she said that she can do music for her own songs. she started small and slowly she got better with the new fusions she brings out.

Now Hoda returns with a new single with yet another Moroccan single--seriously, she is making Moroccan songs so much cooler than they have been in the past. She is doing to the Moroccan song what Najwa Karam did to the Lebanese song--take it mainstream. The production value of her songs are really impressive. Hoda lives in the Switzerland where she works on her craft away from all these things that ruin one's career. While she is drop dead gorgeous, she is not chasing deals in downtown Beirut or Dubai. She refuses to be one of these artists who sell sleepwear and perfume.

I like how savvy she is, and how dazzling her songs are, she just does not make boring songs, and for that she should be rewarded well. Rotana has her under their label, but this is sort of a catch 22. Not many artists make upbeat songs for their label if they are not well-compensated. Hoda always makes her finest tracks and put them forth. I hope Hoda gets to lead and star in many of her country's biggest music festivals. It's unfair for them to fly artists from all over the world, when a world-class talent is one of their own never gets the first call. National pride is important in these events and if not Hoda Saad, no one is good enough.

Hoda Saad - Shab El Ras | هدى سعد - شاب الراس


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