Monday, May 12, 2014

This is The Most Accurate Song About "The Arab Spring" Thank You @hibatawaji

You will not be a human being if you would not cry hearing this song....The lovely and unrivaled performance speaks volumes of the talent the Rahabani's bank on. In this song, the always dazzling Hiba Tawaji released her followup album to her debut 2011 album, and this time she is taking her talent into new territories. While there are many great tracks on this album--16 to be accurate, the song song that I heard Hiba talk about was the first one I landed on....and I cannot stop drooling over it.

Hiba Tawaji put her voice on what may go down as the greatest song has ever been written about the "Arab Spring" She took the song and plugged in all her best attributes and vocal muscles to embody what is really going inside the Arab mind. A big recognition goes for the man behind these all too real lyrics, Ghadi Rahbani.

And off course the beautiful and cutting-edge musical orchestra has Oussama Rahbani written all over it. This is the narrative of the Arab Spring, we loves it, we really did. Until these wacko birds starting showing up and took the work of the few good men and women. It started as an act of love for one's homeland--ot ended being a bloodbath. Not sure where to place the blame, but the song tells the truth about how sick the Arab Spring has gotten.

How big countries and interests hijacked it, and they were helped by religious ideologues. Freedom and liberty are always in style, but chaos is what most Arab countries witnessed. Sadly, as always the case, the intellect see and know what's up, but they know too well, not to get involved.

This is a great song that will shake you to the core, all your senses will be drawn in, your ears, your mind, heart and soul will be better for this song. It's a song from the heart that's made better by an out of this world voice of Hiba and music like no other and lyrics that feel timely.

Hiba herself feels like the Arab nation as it standby watching the quandary sweeping through much of the Arab land. Every time, we try to change our destiny, something mysterious happens, and it gets more violent. We cannot all be innocent, but look around and enjoy this documentary song.

Hiba Tawaji - Al Rabih Al Arabi (Lyric Video) / هبه طوجي - الربيع العربي


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