Monday, May 5, 2014

The Virgin Mary Gets A New Christian Arabic Hymn By @CAROLE_SAMAHA

Carol Samah is in the Netherland for a concert with a live orchestra. But performing in one of the most secular spots on earth would not stop the Lebanese diva from releasing a Christian hymn for the Virgin Mary.

I did not take Carole to be a religious figure, but I did take her to be an intellect who has a brain and a sophistication to know well what goes around them. I like her showing some religious side. This is her new track released in tome for Christina holiday. Mary Ortanis wrote the beautiful lyrics, Faud Fadel composed and Michael Fadel arranged the music.

It feels like your average Piano-focused Church music one hears upon various Sunday ceremonies. This is a prayer song, supplication for the Virgin Mary. Carol ready to convert hearts and souls with her voice and grace.

Carole Samaha - Ha Shaabouki | كارول سماحة - ها شعبك


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