Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WATCH: This Creepy But Cool Music Video "Ala Bab allah" - Esam Karika على باب الله - عصام كاريكا

He is an Egyptian version of hip hop artists. At least he dresses like them. But his talent is hard to ignore. This is Essam Karika who may dress like a pimp and talk like an overeducated mechanic with  as sense of humor, he is still a star.

His latest music video has been done in the sprit of comic books. I think he filmed this somewhere cool, and he is going for cool. Surrounded himself with some models, who are dancing for him, sipping wine and enjoying food while this fat boy smokes his cigars. Aside from the music video, the song is pretty catchy.

There is a bit where he switches places with the playboy who takes his place as the boy who mobs the floor. I think Essam has finally found a summer hit, and it should add to his busy rooster of concerts. Essam also wrote the music. The song is about a simple guy who likes his simple life...he gets a taste of that glamorous but complex world.  

Ala Bab allah - Esam Karika على باب الله - عصام كاريكا


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