Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Bold Mc Gaza Takes Issue With UNRWA! #Palestine

Rappers can be called a million thing, however, very few of them can be considered dreamers. To me, MC Gaza is one of the good ones. The young Gaza based rapper from Palestine has a lot of poetry within him, a lot of tales to share with the world and luckily he has been granted a staller voice and smooth style to deliver those messages. I think there are too many issues to sort our, but there is a conversations Palestinians need to have first--at what point do we abandon the camps and march peacefully to our ancestral homes? Until the folks in Palestine and the area have this discussion, we cannot judge.

He sets his sight on humanitarian groups that serve the refugees communities. UNRWA, USAID, and such he even. He talks about the love/hate relationship the refugees have with these organizations that help them while hurting them at the same time. I think his frustration is with the top dogs who run these NGOs on the ground and make a hefty living, drive fancy cars....Mc. Gaza talks bout that. The title of the song is homes without doors, like at the camps.

He is a refugee and we both happen to be from the same town that now is considered Israel. He has his issues with them and with the NGO community. It's not an easy song to analyze, but as a refugee, I understand the message, but know it's a lot more complicated. I love the guest vocalist Mothafar AlAssar, he brings a lot of the song and the music help drive the message home. I know Mc. Gaza means no disrespect to these institutions, but he sees little good in the long-term.

Mc Gaza ft Mothafar AlAssar بيت من غير باب


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