Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart This Week

For those who like lists, here's what is trending in Arabic pop music, there are songs from all over the countries, even that controversial Moroccan single by Assa Halani. I love how Hiba Tawaji made the list with a classy song--such songs do not get very far usually.

I love the mixed lists, but mostly they cater to the Lebanese taste and market here. There is that young women from Star Academy Rana Samaha, and one new Lebanese lady whose debut took her to this list, Sandra Rizik. The surprise number for one this week is the young Mohammad Majdoub who conquered that list in her very romantic indie way.
.. ListenArabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 17 May 2014 أفضل 10 اغاني عربية...


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