Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hiba Tawaji Unleashes "Ya Habibi" Album Into The Wild! @hibatawaji

Hiba Thawji took Lebanon by storm when she headed to that chain record store in downtown Beirut to sing copies of her new album. "Ya Habibi", this is her second album, and once again the Rahabni family is will represented. Her very special friend Oussama Rahabni was also there.

The album has 15 tracks. There's an Egyptian and a Greek song, which is interesting. Hiba has her fans in Egypt, but this way she is really catering them with the cover of one of their most believed songs--the one by Dalida "7elwa ya baladi". I Like Hiba's voice, she is way talented for the average pop star. She has the right voice for musicals, she starred in so many of them.

She also spoke about her friendship with Carole Samaha and Elissa who shared her song on her twitter. She has a song for the Arab Spring, she will be filming a music video. This is her second solo album since the release of her celebrated 2011 debut album. She seems down to earth talking about her music, and I like two things about Hiba, she travels the world and studies music and she is open to new possibilities.

The album will satisfy your music taste and makes you want to dance and move your hand when he hear that forte voice that makes your headphone/speakers shake. I hope the marketing and the fans do their jobs to propel this rare musical experience to claim its rightful place.

هبة طوجي تطلق "يا حبيبي" وتستعد لـ"الربيع العربي"


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