Friday, May 16, 2014

Listen: Iwan's Summer Groove 'Mghayar alaye" Summer Single

Iwan continues to be one of the most interesting voices in Lebanese pop. his only problem that he has not grown up in the music. In other words, he kept doing the same style for the past ten years or so. He did not try to branch out or do other styles--he tried with different dialects and that worked combined with his pretty boy look.

He releases his mandatory summer song, the song that will be his calling card this music festival season, so let's see what concerts he will be able to pull. Now, most big events in the music industry are made by guys, these guys may not understand Iwan or be jealous of him--something that keeps him away form key music festivals mainly in the Gulf and in Morocco.
.. Iwan - Mghayar alaye 2014 / إيوان - مغير عليي


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