Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mohammed Assaf is MBC's Goldmine And He Knows It #ASSAF360 - عساف360

The marketing exes standing behind Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf have great plans for him--he can have his Palestine but they want all the money and the star power. So they got him into this world cup songs business, and they are asking you to write the song--a cleaver marketing strategy to involve more people and energize the masses.

They are taking this campaign into Twitter and there are millions of soccer fans that will be getting in touch with their star and MBC who is sparing no expense to take Assaf's career to the next level. For many Assaf is a big hybrid, the not-for-profit guy who is also a business. He is the activist and the party guy, he is the indie voice and the sellout. So he is different things to different people. However, he likes soccer and knows his teams so this could be more than marketing.

MBC is working overtime to try to attract advertiser money, this is one way to do it--it remains unclear if the Saudi company will be airing the World Cup 2014.One thing Assaf was swift in his response and his defense of his relationship with MBC--I am not a slave but a free man.    

#ASSAF360 - عساف360


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