Thursday, May 29, 2014

See #Lebanon Super Star Ragheb Alama Unite All Religions

The classy Lebanese super star united Lebanon with all of its people, religions, and ethnicities. They are proud of him, the smart and soft-spoken entertainer who is also a clever marketer, and an intellect. He kicked off the celebration in the color festival--the colors of the Lebanese flag. Adyan is this initiative where he is a believer.

He is for one united Lebanon, good brings us together evil drives up apart. Ragheb gave a good speech, a message and the youth gave him a warm welcome. Ragheb Alama's message was geared toward the youth, and so many of them came out. His big thing from this big event--he hopes the state won't list the religion of folks in their state-issues official documents.

This a timely message and I applaud the super star for dabbling into it, and taking a stand that seems to be consistent with his personal philosophy. He took the nationalistic route which is a lot safer than the religious route right now. At the end, Lebanon is the sum of all its people.

راغب علامة يجمع الأديان والألوان في وسط بيروت


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