Friday, May 30, 2014

Watch and Learn, Joe Ashkar "Jannou B7alaki" @BouEidJoe @JoAshkar Do It Right!

Hey Joe, what do you know? Romantic songs are so much better when the singer is good looking and enjoys a great deal of sense of humor. This is why Joe Ashkar is king in this realm. The Lebanese vocalist seems to have it all figured out and puts it all on display in his latest music video which was directed with colorful and capable Joe Bou Eid.

Joe is a family man, but when he works you would think you are staring into the eyes of the biggest playboy the world has ever known. Filmed in an obscure European location that brings a culture, and places rarely seen by the average Arabic music listener. Joe did one more thing here, he wrote the music, and frankly it feels like a breath of fresh air in Arabic pop music.

He is smitten and cannot think much while being away from his new crush, while he is surrounded by lots of village people who are good looking. They keep their love a secret and then the local rumor mill starts and then people get to them in comical way. It's actually both funny and true without the violence. Together they hid, and later, Joe gets the short stick. Not sure why are those ladies are upset with him, but it might be jealousy that kills Joe.

This is a lovely duo who came together for a memorable song that will actually cheer everyone in the family and impress even those who do not speak the language.

Joe Ashkar "Jannou B7alaki" HD جو أشقر - جنّوا بحلاكي


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