Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Remember The Future! Bedouin Groove By Hala يا ويل حالي - حلا

Hala or 7ala is a young Lebanese pop star who does not want to do your average pop songs. Instead Hala wants to do pop songs that feel old, like that white dialect and Bedouin groove. So for her second single, she went to Sobhi Mhmad and together they had a song that feels all the way from the Samira Tawfik days when she used to pack full concert halls in Jordan and at home in Lebanon.

Hala is fairly new, but she seems to appreciate what's old, and this is why she brought back a dance single that one's own grandmother can fall in love with.

7ala - Ya Weil 7ali 2014 / يا ويل حالي - حلا


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