Thursday, May 22, 2014

Majida El Roumi Was Wrong To Go To Support a #Bahrain Ruthless King

I think the world of her, and so does the people I love in my life. I am a big fan and the size of my respect for this accomplished  Lebanese diva is huge. But so is the size of my frustration with her visit to Bahrain. Bahrain is an Arab country and will always be so, what is not right the way the opposition being handled and mistreated by the King and his cronies.

What's an educated lady like Majida got to do with a concert in Bahrain where her remarks were hurt to folks who have been suffering in silence in more than two years. An artist should not support repression and the limitation of freedom of speech. Majida knows better, shame on whomever told her to go there. She gave a speech in a concert at home, and she seems to have been worked-up and emotional trying to set the record straight. This was in Batroun, Lebanon and it seems to have gone OK under calls of boycott.

Lebanon must not be happy with her right now and so many people who idolize her. She heard the criticism and the angry voices, but she seems not to worry that much.  "I am an open message, they can read me if they desire to do so", they cannot quote me out of context to make me look bad. She is trying to put those voices to shame. Now she says, I called for a dialogue. I do not have to defend myself she says in the video below...I have a long track record that shows I have a message of good.

Bottom line, she should not have gone to Bahrain, that was silly and sends the wrong message.

ماجدة الرومي ترد على منتقديها: كل أمة تنقسم على ذاتها تخرب


  1. Elissa was in Bahrain a few months ago, and no one said a word.