Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pop Star Tamer Hosny Denies Bassima Divorce, But Admits Disagreements

Finally, the great Tamer Hosny spoke about his divorce rumors by commenting on his Facebook account. Much has been reported like Arabia has nothing else to worry about, but their celebrities. Here's what Tamer shared with the world:

We had major differenced that got us close to separation but official divorce has not happen. Ultimately, Bassma is the mother of my baby girl whether we go our separate ways or not, I will continue to respect her and will not tolerate false accusation and insults with silly rumors. Please stop talking about this subject, this is my personal life and God will chose what's best for us.
توضيح هام : في حقيقة الامر تمت بالفعل بعض الخلافات الكبيرة التي اقتربت من الانفصال و لكن لم يتم طلاق رسمي و لكن في نهاية الامر بسمة ام طفلتي و سواء انفصلنا ام لا ، فأنا احترمها كل الاحترام و سأظل احترمها مهما كان و لن اقبل نهائيا التجريح بها او الافتراء عليها بالإشاعات السخيفة و أرجوكم كفاية كلام في الموضوع ده ، دي حياتي و حياتها الشخصية و الأصلح لينا ربنا هيختاره

Post by Tamer Hosny.

The irony is in the fact Tamer Hosny's last song was in English and the title is Gossip. This story may or may not be a marketing ploy. It may also be another way of Tamer Hosny to get attention and some of the love he has lost since 2011.

Ringtone Tamer Hosny FT. Future Stars Gossip Part2


  1. Its good that he made his own statement about it on his facebook account. But, here is my dilemma. He mentioned that they had major differences that got them close to separation. If one of the differences is because of her previous marriage that came into light, then that's a hard subject to work out. A marriage is a union in front of Allah, and the fact that she did not tell him is a sin in front of Allah. She basically betrayed his trust, and the trust of his family. Her family obviously also knew about her marriage prior, and they backed up their daughters secret all along. Once the trust is broken, it is hard to fix. Keep in mind, he is hard working, talented, and in a career where people feel the need to share his life with the public. There is a lot of money involved in his career, and he welcomed her into his life, made her wife and mother, yet she did not have the decency to tell him the truth about her past?????????????? WOW, WOW, WOW!
    He does not want people to stick his nose into his private life. That is understandable. But, here is my advice to him. Look at the scenario, think about the future of your daughter and yourself. If a divorce would enter in the future over this, then he has to find a solution that is in the best of interest of their daughter.