Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Very Best Spring Romance Song EVER By @MahmudMohey

The young vocalist with a gorgeous  smile Mahmoud Mohey, yes that young man who won Star Academy's 9th season releases his big single and his first. The catch, the song feels truly like these 80's hits. And the team behind it is all Egyptian guys who like to mix things up.

Hamid El Shaeri, the composer who made the 80s and 90s a golden pop era wrote the music. And The beloved composer Mohamed Rahim tweaked the music arrangement. The song is about spring and love. A confessional happy love fest by a young man who found something that works. Stars who become so these years, go for DJs and electronic music style that can give you seizure.

Not Mahmoud Mohey, he wanted something retro, and he got what he wanted. I knew the social media loves this young man, now I see why. This is a song that will stick around, it reminds us of the older songs that were about simpler times. Songs about sleepless nights and good weather.    
Mahmoud Mohey - Ya Dayab Fe El Naseem | محمود محي - يا دايب في النسيم


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