Friday, May 23, 2014

The Rise of Arab Feminist Pop Diva Maya Diab In Aywa @mayadiab

She is a proud mommy, a celebrated pop star, an accomplished TV presenter, a huge product endorser and self-promoter. but most of all she is a woman who refuses to slow down or take a backseat to anyone. The notorious pop diva and personality promised a good song, she delivered it few months ago, now her music video comes to remind us why we liked that song all along

Maya Diab's music video is a lite bit too much for some, but Maya Diab knows what works, and this time, she left more of her clothes at home. She is a bit more sassy and girlie than before. But this is the act, she is a real person who keeps busy. She really turned on the heat and seems to enjoy setting guys on fire. She is teasing the hell out of that unassuming guy, wearing funky shoes and riding in trendy cars.

While the song is in Egyptian dialect is explains in simple terms why men hand over the keys to ladies when they feel smitten--or something else. The phone manufacturer have their product primped out throughout the video and so is the famous Lebanese jewelry store. The music video was filmed in Beirut and took two days of shooting. Walid Nassif directed.

The song is about women and how they hold most of the power, check her out on that big bike, rising in the back with a gang of bikers. Her song might not be empowering, but it also mocked guys who would give anything to be with some women--in this case, the woman is Maya. Maya is a savvy entertainer who is hard working and she is light years ahead of her closest rival.

 Maya Diab - Aywa [Official Clip] / مايا دياب - أيوه


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