Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Holy Prophet of Islam And Music Abdel Fattah al-Sisi!

The ultra-conservative Al Nour Party has released a song endorsing the next big holy figure in Egyptian politics. They went with General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who murdered many of their fellow Muslims. Al-Nour is a very conservative party, and they can argue religion with the Brotherhood all day long. Yet they chose to wake away from the big tent of Islam and abandoned the Muslim Brotherhood. So much for unity and one political Islamic vision.

It's not entirely their fault, Al-Nour is being used by the general to counter attacks of being anti0Islam by sympathizers of the Brotherhood. I think their position has a lot to do with unlimited funds they have been receiving form the Saudis and the Emirates. Which helps explains this new song by the same party who wants to turn Egypt into Saudi Arabia.

The song is heavy, and has not music, just the voice of some guy and images of the holy prophet Sisi doing his religious duties. No doubt, Sisi is a seasoned politician who knows how to market himself. When he was auditioning for a role in the President Morsi government two years ago, he was playing the pious card, fasting extra days and praying too much. Now Sisi spends most of his time hanging out with singers, dancers and actors--who help him with songs. Sisi plays the part really well, here you see him getting emotional, talking like a God-fearing person.
And the media loves him because he will give them job security and they can be once again on top before they used to be trashed by the young activists and revolutionaries. And all these Arabs who brag about him being the backbone of Arab unity...just go ask the people of Gaza and see how well he did for them--he turned Gaza into a tighter jail where people are dying since he would not open the borders.

Now, being president of Egypt is not enough for him, Al-Nour and other fans should declare him a holy prophet that we should worship and never speak ill of.

#الفتح | نشيد من شباب حزب النور لدعم السيسي


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