Monday, May 5, 2014

Here's The Very Best Song About Growing Old

I like the subject of this song, it's about growing older all of become an uncle, the one you used to love already has two kids--not yours. Your pals are leaving the country, you spot grey hair in your beard and on your sideburns...

Yes, we are all growing older and not know it, it's downhill or uphill from there. Ahmed Salem had the vision for this song, it's kept short but it will stay with you for some time. It makes you think reflect inside and see how life takes you. The song is about imagining you are in a dream and time froze when you were in junior high school.

I like how you barely notice the music, because it allows for the lyrics to get into your head.
اغنية احمد سالم - فاصل اعلانى 2014.


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