Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nisreen Zawahra Brings Back Radio #Lebanon

Radio is not dead, just hear radio hostess Nisreen Zawahra, the radio personality beloved by celebrities. Her radio program airs in Lebanon, her home.

The blonde sounds like she is interviewing the interviewer in this quick interview with this lady who gets them to speak. Radio might not be in its finest moment, but Nisreen still believes in it and she gets to speak to all the A listers. It's true big networks pay big bucks to interview celebrities. Making it hard for Nisreen to get a call back. She started as a journalist, so she has that serious cred going for her. She likes to keep positive and not clash with her guests.

Hear her our and take a look at this journalist who is trying to breath a little bit of life into radio. She seems so proud of having interviewed the likes od Kadem Al Saher and Majida El Roumi.

الإذاعيّة نسرين ظواهرة: سألتُ ماجدة ما لم يكن بإمكاني طرحه وبدأت مع كاظم من فوق!


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