Friday, May 23, 2014

Pascal Machaalani Declares Her Weak Love For #Egypt

All of a sudden all these Lebanese pop stars are declaring their love for Egypt--just like they have always done under the Mubarak regime. Now, Pascal Machaalani has a song out about how much in love she is with Egypt. The Lebanese pop star is enjoying a welcome return as she released an Algerian song last month. It's strange none of these dancers and singers sang for Egypt during the one year of democratically elected president Morsi. Which makes me wonder, if Arab artists do not like democracy

Her music video might as well be a commercial for her hair--not the most populous Arab country. The song seems boring and the music lacks anything crisp. Pascal Machaalani does not seem to be feeling the words that come out of her mouth. where's the passion? This is a throwaway song recorded, and released in few hours to to carry water for those in power. This is why the song does not feel good. Even though they tired to give some Egyptian towns shout out here and there it feels forced.

.. Baashak Masr - Pascal Machaalani بعشق مصر - باسكال مشعلانى


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