Sunday, May 11, 2014

WATCH: Message From Egypt - Mousa رساله من مصر - موسى #Chaos #Egypt

It makes sense for one to love one's country. But what does not make sense is to badmouth the hell out of your country in private but in public one feels obligated to say good things and attack those who complain. This is Egypt, worse, if you are a foreigner, they may punch you in the face for speaking ill of their beloved country that they secretly hate.

Here is a song by a nobody who is going sexy, he is singing a press release from the Egypt army that ousted a democratically elected president and now they are running for president. Mousa is attacking anyone who does not agree with the government, he is calling them haters who want to destroy Egypt. Here's a flashback, everything he is wearing, or using in this music video has been made outside of his beloved Egypt.

I love how his music video shows the army and the security forces neutral who want to preserve the peace when in face they have murdered so many civilians. Perhaps instead of releasing this song, he should get a job at some factory and contribute to Egypt's' greatness.

Message From Egypt - Mousa رساله من مصر - موسى


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