Friday, May 30, 2014

Video: Joe Ashkar Makes The Perfect Wedding Singer

Every man wants to be as handsome as Joe, as smooth as Mr. Ashkar, as animated as this Lebanese singer and hit-maker. Joe is one of these fun Lebanese voices who always promises and delivers a good time.

Perhaps this is why he has a successful posh club in Beirut. But also he does weddings if he cared for the bride and the groom. Like in the video below see him work the fans and the couple who are walking down the aisle. He really fires up the party and gets the dudes all on his side.

Joe does his own thing and the fans appreciate this about his hard working entertainer who can be a womanizer if it advances his career.

Joe Ashkar live Habibet Albi at a wedding / جو اشقر - حبيبة قلبي 


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