Friday, May 16, 2014

Moroccan Young Star Donia Batma Continues To Dazzle The Gulf!

Let's agree to put her personal life aside, and how happy she is to be a second wife to a music producer and a father of a young girl (who used to be a kid star). Let's judge her on her music. Moroccan Arab Idol runner up Donia Batma just released one hell of a single, and since she has made a home for herself in the Gulf, the song is in Gulf Arabic and music style that fits that area.

Donia is a cool cat who has plenty of good looks, and energy....Her name recognition connects the west and the East side of the Arab world. I like song, but not the music's a hit style for one young songstress who want to build a legacy....Donia is one of my favorite young artists. I do not appreciate when people call her names and judge her for her choices.

Just listen to the high quality voice she has been endowed with, the emotional complexity she's able to pull here. For the untrained ear, this is a dance melody that spoiled kids can play as they drive their fancy cars around these cities and towns paid for by oil and gas.
دنيا بطمة توك تجي 2014‬

اغنية دنيا بطمة - توك تجى | النسخة الاصلية | 2014


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