Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Listen: جديد و حصري 2014 #أناني #كارمن_سليمان Carmen Soliman

For me Arab Idol Carmen Soliman is an amazing talent and it her youth does not take away anything from her. She dazzled us more than two years ago when she took part of Arab Idol first season--she was the sure winner and she seemed to pack so much promise. And indeed she showed that she is worthy of the title.

the Gulf took her under their wings, and they keep throwing music, songs, lyrics at her and she only takes what works for her. She just released a new song about that selfish love--Anany in Arabic. She sounds great, and it's a pitch-perfect. Earlier this year, she sold out million of copies of her debut album. And everyday a song comes on my player, I discover something new about Carmen Soliman.

This is a mellow track, that does not rush you, it asks you to relax in exchange for true art as it used to be recorded 50 years ago. I love how she puts her heat and soul here. This track offers exhilaration that sticks around. The singer delivers the emotions and the musical maturity this song demands
Listening to is like enjoying a vocal gymnastics and pop music perfection

جديد و حصري 2014 #أناني #كارمن_سليمان


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