Monday, May 5, 2014

The Karazon Sisters Join Forces For #Ghzali #Jordan (Music Video)

Good sisters are awesome. Now for Jordanian super star Diana Karazon, she was joined by her other sister Zain and the duo are singing together in this interesting music video. It's like a competition between these tow sisters to out cool the other. Diana is the star, Zain is the guest who gets to star along her sister. I think Zain is way bolder in her fashion choices and moves.

Zain is just starting in the music business after she has taken part of a singing competition program. This is the double the pleasure of the Karazon family. I like the fashion choices and head gears. Is this is a Moroccan song?

I like the energy, but I know haters are gonna hate, this may be tow much for a traditional country like Jordan. This also serves Diana well as the story of the music video went viral and the web is talking much about this interesting music video and song. Not sure if I know of any other sisters who have sang together in a music video before--I can think of two other Jordanian sisters Mai Selim and Mais Hamdan

Diana Karazon Zain karazon-Ghzali Music video 2014 ديانا كرزون و زين كرزون - غزالي فيديوكليب.


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