Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dictatorship Through Music #Egypt Shame Election!

Armies do not tend to be democratic, they know one cannot run a tight ship with everyone getting a vote. Armies are about following orders from superiors with no discussion. this is the impression I get when I look at Egypt as they army is not pushing people to take part of a scam election process where there are two candidates who are in favor of coups.

The two candidates have no problem with many murders the army and security forces carried out in August last year and right after. Neither of them cares to make a coalition, but they want to run for office where most people feel intimidated to vote....turnout if a big game and the army has spared no expenses to make sure more people take part of this farce. They have unleashed droves of songs urging people to vote and pretending that what they did in July 2013 happened fifty years ago.

Obviously, if what they are offering will work for Egypt, I am all for it, but two wrongs do not make it right. There are people who disagree with what happened since last summer, and those won't be going to vote. Here are two new songs one by Shaza who has never had anything good to say about the January 25th revolution--she stood for Mubarak regime. And somebody who just wants to sing. And off course, they hired few UAE based artists to sing for them while they shut their own people.

اغنية شذى - يلا يا مصري / Shaza - Yalla Ya Masry

.. Fahad Hassan - Kolina Eid Wahda | فهد حسن - كلنا أيد واحدة


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