Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angry Syrians Brawl In Australia Concert Over Politics And Flag (Video)

In Melbourne Australia, there was a big concert for a Syrian star Ali Al Deek who flew in to be with his country men singing songs form the motherland and showing them a good time. So the concert was groovy and all was having a good time. Until someone carried the traditional Syrian flag and then it was a shit storm.

Someone was dancing with the flag, some dude, tried to pull the flag away from the group, and then a fight broke out, people were throwing punches and elbows...ladies were getting out...and thanks to that asshole who started the riot. You may hate that flag, but it one stood for something--disagree but do not beat up those who see it differently. It's a shame Syrians once of the coolest and most sophisticated Arabs, now cannot get along. I blame the booze and political gridlock. I bet Ali Al deek was I am out of here!

You do not disrespect your own country's flag. No need to honor it, it may have been a symbol of death for some, but who the hell are you casting the first stone? This is one joint mess, an embarrassment to the entire community who was present. I think we need to be ok with diversity of opinion--we do not all think the same and certainly Syria has showed that.

Update: There further proofs the point that Arabs and alcohol do not mix very well. God knows drunk Arabs are more dangerous than your stereotypical distant alcoholic Irish father.

..حفلة علي الديك في أستراليا تتحول إلى حلبة ملاكمة بعد الدعس على علم النظام 04-05-2014.


  1. Unfortunetly I was a witness to the disgusting behaviour of the people in this video...however i beleive there is one thing being missed here. This was a function for all lebanese community, the people who held a flag knew exactly that there would be a reaction to the Flag being raised. The issue here is not the Syrian Flag being raised. The issue was that the Leader Bashaar Al Asaads face was on it. I beleive that security tried to remove the flag peacefully, however with no avail. What do u expect when the consumption of alcohol was so bloody high. The Gentleman we see pulling at the flag was one of the organsisers. We see here that he pulls to remove the flag visciously however this is because the security couldnt remove it quietly. As we see, there is also resistance from the audience. By the tugging and pulling of the audience this has definetly hit a sore spot amongst other members of the audience. Who as we see are extremely angry. One thing is for sure and no one should be denying it...... NO FLAG SHOULD OF BEEN RAISED IN A SOCIAL EVENT WHEN THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT RELIGIONS. SURELY WE ALL KNOW THAT THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE, RELGIONS, AND GROUPS OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOT AGREE WITH THE AL ASAADS REGIME.... SO WE SHOULD ASK OURSELVES....WAS IT PLANNED...? FOR YOUR INFORMATION... This event was filmed on CD. And the CD is now being sold. 5 minutes before the flag was raised Mr. Ali Al Deek has requested from the Photography team to stop Filming anjd to turn off the CAMERAS...WHY? He has also in many interviews stated he bought the flags into australia and gave them to the audience.... Funny when he doesnt even move off the stage, dont you think..? He has personally met up with these audience members and given them hand is what he suggests.
    He has lied over and over again in his interview with Tony Khalifa as we have seen. From stating there was 200 police officers, to 500 police officers, and stating that he could not see anything. He is telling everyone in his concert to calm down and stop fighting, So clearly he saw what was going on. He is trying to simply cover up the fact that he watched the Syrian Flag being stomped on.
    Im sorry Ali Al Deek - but I beleive you started this viscious brawl. This is a social event where people were coming to listen to you sing. It was not a venue where you could enfore your leader and personal and political views on the community. POLITICS STAY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY DONT BRING THE PROBLEMS HERE.
    Syria is loved by us and our home, and we pray everyday that Syria is rebuilt so that we may return to our motherland and homes. You talk of your people, how bad do you feel that your people had to witness this disgusting behaviour? How about all the innocent people that were hurt? the Flag and our love for our country and our leader is to remain in our hearts, and homes and our beleifs. Not taken to other country's to start a war.
    And for all the people who have only put fuel to the fire. You all really need to stop. Boycotting a business isnt the answer here. The answer is that you should all grow up and learn from this mistake. Think of the impact this will have on the rest of us. For all those people on Protection Visas from Syria. How does this behaviour reflect on you. You come for protection here and instead we bring our wars to Australia. Do you think Australia wants people acting like animals and beating the hell out of each other to remain here. I think NOT!! All the hate comments on facebook, you tube, twitter, snap chat, instagram. Seriously its got to STOP. Let it go people. And for those who were injured, my condolenses to you.

  2. Wow! Nicely written.