Saturday, May 10, 2014

البوم هبة طوجى - يا حبيبى 2014 Hiba Tawaji ""Ya Habib" Albums Delivers The Punches

She has the silkiest voice in Arabia, the brainiest lyrics, and most sophisticated music in any album released by an Arab artist. Hiba Tawaji just released her second album, and she is offering 16 chances for us to get to know her better. 16 tracks that tell different stories or at least same stories differently. This is an album that satisfies the nerd within you, and the artist that you never was able to become.

I am just starting to listen to this album and it will take me perhaps a week before I give an educated opinion about her latest album. To think that Hiba is the Lebanese Nora Jones is a compliment but that does not do it, Nora never challenged herself to take on complex issues. Hiba does it here for example think about her Arab Spring track. Perhaps it's because Arabs care about politics, Hiba met them half way. Here with the gifted talent of the Rahabani family, she is in good hands.  

01 - Khalas
02 - Sabah El Kheir
03 - Awal Ma Shefto
04 - Lamma Byefda El Masrah
05 - Yamama
06 - Hobbi Eli Intaha
07 - Al Rabie Al Arabi
08 - Helwa Ya Baladi
09 - Ma32ol
10 - Ya Habibi
11 - Ya Habibi [ Qasida ]
12 - Ana Habayto
13 - Al Maraa Al Arabiya
14 - Ousset Dayaa
15 - Beirut
16 - Eli W Elak El Sama

Hiba Tawaji - Khalas [Official Music Video 2014] / هبة طوجي - خلص Hiba Tawaji



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