Friday, May 2, 2014

Nice Girls Who Rock @shaymahelali - Mn El Naharda - Ya Deblet El Khotoubah / شيما هلالي - من النهاردة - يا دبلة الخطوبة

Nice girls can rock and below the proof they can bring down the house in excitement and top quality entertainment. Tunisian songstress on steroid, Shayma Helali  came a long way from her days on Star Academy. Earlier this year, she released hr debut album and it was dynamite. One golden hit after another, and I have reviewed the album and its songs on a number of posts.

It was one of the finest produced albums, and with Ms. Helali's strong voice, charming personality, and cute ways she has the lasting powers. She was funky, spunky and nutty and the fans liked it. One song that I was listening to over and over again is a fun wedding/engagement song that incorporates a classic song and features equally exciting and fresh lyrics.

The music sounds like a marching band playing at country fair, a block party or some social function with masses in attendance. Shayma approaches the song as a street artist would, she lets the song take the lead, but her character is all over this song.The song sounds like a classic street song that appeals to pretty much anyone who likes to have a good time. "Mn El Naharda" or starting day is the title in English is a cool bouncy song indeed.

Ms. Helali has the talent, we all know that, she makes awesome live appearances and her voice covers a broad range of styles, this is why she attracts the young and the old, the ladies and the lads. I wish to see more of her, the music scene in Arabia is far richer by her presence.

Shayma Helali - Mn El Naharda - Ya Deblet El Khotoubah / شيما هلالي - من النهاردة - يا دبلة الخطوبة


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