Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Listen: Elissa - "Law" from "Law" series Are We Getting Too Old For Elissa? @elissakh

Elissa returns with a new single, the Lebanese hit-maker and Rotana Darling does not really do singles, she releases an album every three two years and vacations. Now she has a new song about cheating lovers. Do I love it? Hard to say, but the song is already making waves.

Not clear to me what purpose the song services, but summer season is here and with it comes the music festivals. Arab artists make most of their living from these concerts and the more new songs they have, the better their chances are of getting booked for such events.

I think as Elissa's core fan base grows older, gets married and moves on in life, she has to find new fan base. I know for me, the songs are no longer special, no longer do they have the same affects on my as they did a decade ago.

This song is for an upcoming Lebanese drama, a promo song for the opening credit. Elissa did this at least once before. Now, not to be mean, what has Elissa done to hr face? Something makes her face look fat and particularly her lips

Elissa - "Law" from "Law" series / "اليسا - اغنية "لو" من مسلسل "لو"


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